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Let There Be Light - Part 1



Online exhibition of pinhole photography. THE GALLERY IS OPEN! New work each day.

April Monthly Meeting

Tuesday 14th of April

ONLINE from 6:30pm

Pinhole day cameras and ideas for the 26th. Planning ? our summer photowalks? and all other things photographic. All welcome.

April Coffee Morning

Wednesday 29th of April

ONLINE from 10:30am

Morning meet up on the last Wednesday of each month, for those who find it difficult to make the evenings or who just can not get enough of a good thing. All welcome.

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Sunday 26th of April

ONLINE from 10:30am and 16:30pm

Everyone separate but together! Go out to the garden or construct a still life at home then make a pinhole photograph. Quick catch up online before and after. All welcome.

May Monthly Meeting

Tuesday 12th of May

ONLINE from 6:30pm

Results from pinhole day and planning our summer photowalks???. All welcome.