Edinburgh LoFi Photography Group at Urban Outfitters

Full exhibition on from 22nd February. (Find details here from the 14th of February).

Taster exhibition - works on display at Urban Outfitters:

Mary Gordon     
  (Lower landing, column)  
 2  £25.00
 3  £25.00
 4  £25.00
 5  £25.00
Jamie Mellor     
  (Lower landing wall panels) 
 7(Front wall, left)£30.00JM
 8(Front wall, middle)£30.00
 9(Front wall, right)£30.00
 10(Side wall, left)£30.00
 11(Side wall, middle)£30.00
 12(Side wall, right)£30.00
Elaine Robson     
  (Lower floor,central columns)
 13Holyrood Park I (Lubitel)£25.00ER
 14Windows (Lubitel)£25.00
 15Holyrood Park II (Lubitel)£25.00
 16Leith Festival I (Holga)£25.00
 17Leith Festival II (Holga) £25.00
 18Leith Festival III (Holga)£25.00
Judith Rowan     
  (Upper floor, ladies changing area) 
 19Skyline (framed)£88.00JR
 20Rugby Pavillion (framed)£88.00
 21East Beach (framed)£125.00
 22Wall to Wall (framed)£125.00
 23Tram Depot I (Panoramic)£30.00
 24Tram Depot II (Panoramic)£30.00
 25Tram Depot III (Holga, square)£30.00
  (Lower floor,under stairs) 
 26Postcards (each) 
  Rectangular (6x4)£0.80

For more information send an email to info@edinburghlofi.com.