May 2011


Sometimes, to make sense of the world around you, you need to look at it through a simplifying lens, or no lens at all. To watch for the unnoticed moments of time, a little light capture with the oldest of photographic equipment. A dark box with a pinhole morphs into a many lensed plastic toy but the ethos is the same: to look, to see, to imagine and to surprise. Seemingly random effects become tools of the trade as the inconsistencies of the cameras and films are thought mastered just to throw a random light leak or expired chemical into the mix. The disposable becomes memorable and unique.

The selling exhibition contains work by: Rhiannon Connelly; Leila Frank; Mary Gordon; Andrew Hodgkinson; Christine Leman; Jamie Mellor; Chris Rae; Elaine Robson; Judith Rowan; Beth Sandison and Chris Trew.

Fine Art Library, 4 - 31 May 2011, free

Although the exhibition has now passed you can still view the work online.
Virtual Exhibition Gallery

Some comments from our visitors -

    Absolutely fantastic body of work. Inspirational!
    Lovely exhibition, great range of images, wonderful.
    Well done everyone, looks great! Can't wait till the next one!

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